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Contrary to what many believe, the law is not about fighting for the sake of fighting. After 30 years of serving clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin as a lawyer, I understand that the law is about helping you take practical approaches to solving problems so you can move forward individually and in your family relationships.

Perhaps that principle is nowhere truer than in divorce. For that reason, I offer you the options of divorce mediation.

Providing Cost-Effective Solutions At Reasonable Rates When You Need Help

Divorce mediation is designed to provide an alternative to traditional adversarial litigation. Instead of having a judge decide your case, mediation promotes cooperation between the divorcing parties to create their own terms rather than having terms imposed upon them by the court.

Gregory P SeamonMediation can often provide an affordable option for resolving a wide variety of family disputes. Those disputes can often include, among other matters:

  • Paternity
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Financial disputes

I am a Qualified Family Mediator who has helped clients settle their family law cases fairly and efficiently. I aim to help you seek practical solutions that enable you to get back to living a normal life. In many cases, the largest part of getting your life back to normal will be developing the agreement that helps you work with your child's other parent in the future regarding parenting decisions.

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