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Dealing With Incapacity Issues And Conflict After A Loss

When a loved one suffers a stroke and cannot handle his or her affairs, how do you help pay the bills or make medical decisions? If a power of attorney or health care directive was not in place, you may need a conservatorship. If a will left someone out, it can also cause disputes. Resolving issues while family members are still grieving a loss can be challenging.

As a solo practice lawyer at Gregory P. Seamon, Esq., Attorney and Counsellor at Law, I have been helping clients across Washington County, the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin with similar issues for more than 30 years.

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, estate administration often requires probate court. Whether contested or uncontested, I can provide practical guidance through the process.

Getting A Conservatorship Or Guardianship In Place

If an individual is unable to manage property or business affairs, the court may appoint a conservator to handle financial decisions. The scope of the appointment varies based on the needs of the protected person. A guardian handles personal decisions related to medical treatment, living arrangements and education.

Court proceedings are generally only required when special-needs adults reach the age of maturity or when estate planning has never been completed. The law is complicated, and seeking legal counsel is the best way to avoid mistakes.

Estate Litigation In Probate Court

After the loss of a parent or other loved one, conflicts can emerge between siblings and/or other beneficiaries. When they reach the point of litigation, I can assist in the following types of matters:

  • Will contests, which might relate to capacity at the time a will or addendum was drafted
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Estate administration accountings to identify how estate funds are being/have been spent

If litigation is required, my years of experience mean you will receive legal services that are as efficient as they are effective.

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